Public Speaker | Yoga Mentor

Katie McClelland

I am a dedicated yogi, recovering addict, speaker, mentor, teacher of teachers, soul seeker, singer, wannabe Broadway performer, mother, wife, daughter, sister, and confidant. For years, I doubted my path, denied my gifts and attempted to self-medicate my depression and anxiety away.  I wanted to live big but felt frozen. The more I desperately sought to realize my potential, the harder I stumbled and the further I fell. I have finally found and claimed my place in this world and most importantly, found my VOICE and my message! Through speaking, teaching, and writing, let me help you find self-acceptance and self-love.

I am Katie! 

Let me help you find peace in your life and to trust how your path is unfolding. By softening into who you are now, your life will open up and blossom in ways you can’t begin to imagine. I am here to inspire, to guide, to serve, to laugh with and to connect.


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