You have undoubtedly experienced yoga’s magic. That indescribable feeling you have after a class that is curiously unlike any other feeling. The spaciousness within. The sense of grounding and peacefulness. The softness in your face..the yoga ‘glow’ that you glide out of the studio with. As if your entire being has experienced a cleansing, tension-releasing exhale and an exhilarating, energizing inhale all at once. A deep, vigorous wringing out of old, stale patterns and energy. Or, perhaps today the practice acted more like a soothing balm to your frayed nerves and overworked adrenals.

Did you accept the invitation today to walk the uncharted pathway the practice carved within? Were you led, even momentarily, to your inner child, your vulnerable heart, the parts of you that you tuck away from the world for fear of hurt, rejection or disappointment?
I have been practicing yoga for 23 years and I still experience this magic every time I come to my mat. Even as I write this, I feel the gratitude welling up inside of me for finding this practice and for this practice finding me!

Whether you tap into self-love today on the mat or find you aren’t able to quite open your heart and extend a loving hand to yourself, don’t forget to enjoy how incredibly good this practice makes you feel! Aren’t we lucky and blessed?!

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