My mom. My first and most influential yoga teacher. Spiritual, loving, inherently shy but a gifted and authoritative teacher – guru, really. Soft, gentle and incredibly comforting but with a fiery temper at times! Patient, reflective, poetic. Grace personified. A free spirit trying to conform as best she can to modern Western society. As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, she has moved through life listening to her inner guide, paving her own way and defining for herself what it means to be a mother, a wife, a yogini, a seeker, and a friend.
Growing up, my mom was hilariously eccentric. We would have themed dinner nights where she would present platters of multicultural food. My sister and I would eventually wear her down and order a Domino’s Pizza. She spoke about past lives and how in her next life she was debating on whether she wanted to come back as a loin-cloth wearing, drum beating Kodo Drummer or the smoky, sultry Jazz singer, Sade. At the age of fifty, without my conservative dad’s knowledge/permission, she adorned herself with an armband tattoo of swirling vines and turtles and a back piece large enough to make my jaw drop open at the sight of it. She promised my dad she would cover up her body art at the Golf and Country Club!
At times, when we would frustrate her, and boy did we come up with some creative ways to do so, she would loudly lament her decision to have children and express the desire to hit the open road in a convertible sports car, never to return to such drudgery!
One of her hilarious reoccurring dreams is where she is a secret spy, rifling through files at night in a dark office building, only to narrowly escape detection as she jumps out of the window into – yes, a sports car – and casually lights up a cigarette as her enemies frantically search for the missing files.
Now, in her seventies and as beautiful as ever, she has found a deep passion for the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Through this practice, she has rediscovered and cultivated her love of dancing and singing as well as the sacred practice of devotional prayer. She brings her incredible wisdom, years of experience and sparkling personality to De La Sol’s yoga teacher training program and leaves a lasting imprint on all of our trainees.
My mother is the true embodiment of love and compassion.
It is largely because of the love she mirrors back at me when she looks at me through her eyes, that I am able to love myself.

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