One day, I woke up and read a beautiful piece from The Kundalini Institute, who I receive daily newsletters from. I wanted to share this with you because I found this particular message to be beautiful and so reassuring. It felt meaningful because it spoke to the issue many of us face regarding ‘finding our life’s purpose’ or ‘dharma’.
For much of my life I have lacked clarity around what my life’s purpose is, and at times have lost touch with my inner voice. I’ve looked outside myself for direction and validation and have sometimes felt almost paralyzed by indecisiveness. It was this lack of clarity that brought me to yoga in the first place, as I knew this was a practice of self-reflection and cultivating knowledge of the Self, or soul. Coming to my mat has connected and reconnected me to my inner compass. Over the years a certain truth has been revealed to me: Life isn’t made meaningful by WHAT you do, but HOW you do it.
What kind of attitude and mindfulness do you bring to your daily activities, whether you pump gas for a living, or run a large company? How does your unique ‘flavour’ touch and affect those you come into contact with? I used to think there were many things I should not bother doing (make aromatherapy lotions, teach workshops, write a memoir etc) because these had already been done by others and therefore I had nothing new to contribute. But I understand now that there is only one Katie and that my voice is unique and has value. In fact, there will only ever BE one Katie and my time on this earth is finite and shan’t be wasted!
I hope you enjoy the message below and remember, whenever you are feeling lost on your life’s path, whenever you feel like your are climbing a mountain in a thick fog and cannot see the summit, all you have to do is bring YOU and your uniqueness to whatever it is your doing, and know that your path and purpose will be revealed as a result:

‘What the world needs now is you. Please hear that deeply. What the world needs now is YOU. You see, you are here, and nothing in the Universe is out of place. You are awakening, and no one awakens before their time.
Just by being you, and I do mean really you, not the you that society wants to see or that your colleagues expect, not the you that your family thinks you are or your friends believe is you. But the YOU of it all, the you that you are in the quiet spaces of your heart. We need YOU. We need you desperately. With your light and your love and your special alchemy of gifts, you are bringing something to this world that no one else can. Please do not hide your special light.
Remember Yogi Bhajan’s words, “You can make your world prosperous and happy by being you.” Today, pledge to be as authentically you as you can be. Speak from your heart. Heal with your words. And bring your spark to us, lighting the world on fire with the magic of YOU. Thank you for being!’
– Ramdesh

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