The word ‘yoga’ means ‘union’. It relates to the unity between mind, body and
soul – meaning, one cannot be affected without the other aspects affected, as well. It also refers to the inherent connection between all living beings. It literally means ‘we are all one’. This can be translated in a couple of ways. I believe it means that underneath our life circumstances, our conditioning and everything else that has wounded us or caused us to build walls around our heart, we are the same. Our essence is one of love and compassion. Another way to look at this is that we are all equally capable of incredible goodness as well as unspeakable evil. That both the light and the shadow exist in all of us. Yoga and meditation are practices that help us face ourselves and peel away the layers of illusion that separate us from others. A powerful practice to help you experience unity is to silently say to yourself each time you walk past another soul or encounter another person is ‘you and I are one’. When you do this, notice your inner reaction to these words. With some, the words and the feeling of connection may come easily. With others, you may feel a sense of resistance or even repulsion. These are interesting feelings to ponder. If we all contain all qualities, then each person is a mirror for us to see ourselves in.
– Katie


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