Imagine a beautiful green orb located at the centre of the chest, the anahata chakra. Then, with your eyes closed, transport yourself to your favourite place on earth. A place where you feel utterly peaceful. For me, it is a special rock overlooking Lake Rosseau with the sun setting on the horizon.

Now, as you sit happily in your favorite place, imagine what it would feel like to have no fear, no worry in your heart whatsoever. What would it feel like to not know stress? To not know doubt? To trust your path so completely that all you could feel is contentment, wonder and joy? Could you imagine life without confusion? Without anxiety, doubt, self consciousness, insecurity, regret, shame, guilt or disappointment? That is what enlightenment looks and feels like. It is living so completely in the energy of the heart that you see the ‘big picture’ of your life and are unable to worry about the details and yet at the same time, you are acutely tuned in to the subtitles and nuances of all of the miracles happening around you. It is feeling – knowing- with every cell in your body that you are connected to all other living beings and that you are truly the same as everyone else, and that they are all you. You accept your shadowy parts the way a bosomy grandmother would cradle her babies close. You celebrate your light the way a child delights in a butterfly or ladybug.
The journey to the heart chakra – This is perhaps the greatest gift yoga can bring to your life and the path that will fill your cup until it is overflowing with limitless goodness and love.

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Katie headstand backbend
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