Sometimes in life, we recognize that we are about to take a leap of faith off of a cliff into the unknown.

This courageous leap reminds me of the relationship with the 7th chakra, an energy centre visible to the sensitive, clairvoyant ancient yogis located at the crown of the head.

The sahasrara chakra is depicted as a deep violet colour or sometimes a pale pink or white light. The crown chakra is your connection to the spirit realm, the mystery of life, the trusting of how your path is unfolding and your relationship to the God of your understanding. Just as you can feel included or shunned by a group of people, you can feel spiritually supported and protected or alone and afraid. Filling your cup at the crown chakra level is often neglected as we rush around in our day-to-day busyness and have little time to connect with, and reflect upon, the lessons and blessings that the spirit realm has to offer. The time on your mat has certainly connected you to Spirit in a beautiful and profound way.

-don't die with your music still inside of you-
I remember the moment I first connected to my crown chakra in a powerful way. I was on a retreat in the Redwood Forest in California and one of the exercises involved making a prayer circle out of little red fabric squares and tobacco and then sitting in the center of it. I stared out into the thick forest of grandfather and grandmother trees and felt a mix of wonder and insignificance. I felt alone and like I might cry. I needed the company of another person but none were to be found, so instead, I decided to talk out loud to God or the Creator. The moment I opened my mouth, I felt an incredible rush of energy. It was as if Spirit itself had zoomed through the universe and perched itself inside my circle, ready to hear and to hold what I had to say. I ended up talking for at least an hour. All kinds of things poured out that never would have come out had I stayed silent. It was as if I was catching up with an old friend. As I conversed with God, a soft, mild rain fell on my cheeks and shoulders. It really was one of the most sacred and magical moments I have ever experienced. In that moment, I feel that without a doubt, I am loved and guided by an unseen, benevolent force. I have carried this comforting truth with me ever since.
To nourish your crown chakra, try praying (to anyone) out loud. Play with angel or animal medicine cards and see how they speak to you about your life. Let your yoga practice be a prayer you perform with your body and breath, an offering to something greater than yourself. Create a sacred ritual in your life, however small. Create a space in your home to meditate or an altar with special photos and keepsakes. Simply connect to your breath – and follow it back home to your heart.


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