This photo was snapped a couple of months ago and when I saw it, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it.  You know, you imagine yourself looking a certain way when a photo is taken but more often than not when you are shown the photo, you feel disappointed that the reality didn’t live up to the vision/fantasy you had in your head. When I saw this photo I felt a swell of pride, knowing how hard I have worked to master ‘scorpion pose’.

I love how the throat chakra is perfectly centered behind me, encouraging me to speak my truth to the world, to celebrate my unique voice and to SING! I was happy with how fit I look after a lifetime of borderline unhealthy relationship with food and being unhappy with my weight, sometimes downright loathing my body and being disgusted by it rather than feeling in awe and deeply grateful for how strong and healthy I am. But what I love the absolute MOST about this photo is the relaxed, content, peaceful,

centered expression on my face. This is such a triumph for me!! My yoga practice used to be an arduous struggle. I would push and wince through poses. I would compromise my breath in order to achieve the ‘perfect’ looking pose. I remember one time jumping through to a seated position from downward dog and stubbing my toe as I came through.
An immediate rush of irritation spread through me and I think I even uttered under my breath ‘Ugh! What an idiot you are!’. I was so hard on myself, abusive actually. I am incredibly relieved to be in a place where I am soft with myself! Where I take myself lightly and am friends with myself. When I saw how at ease my face looked in this photo, it was a testament to the years and years of deep work I have done to heal my relationship with myself.
I hope, above all other hopes, that you are on a similar journey of healing and acceptance.


Lots of love,


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