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get unstuck
Activate your exalted life
Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, tired?

Would you like to be part of a community who wants to embrace life, dive deep, share, support and inspire?

Do you feel stuck?

Do you have gifts and skills you want to share with the world?

Are you tired of feeling like you are not moving ahead?

Do you wake up wanting more?
More out of life. More out of your relationships with the people around you. More love, freedom, abundance?

We’ve been there! 

That’s why we created the Exalted Life Course.

The time is now to invest in yourself! Let us take you on a beautiful journey where you learn to fall in love with your current life and who you are now, in this very moment. Then, from this place of peace, acceptance and wholeness, raise the bar for yourself and your life!

8 Essential Realms

Join Katie McClelland and Claudia Bauman for a 9 week journey towards realizing your most fulfilling life EVER!!

There is no journey more fascinating or healing than the journey back to your heart, where you are invited to fall in love with all yourself and your life as things are in this very moment, without needing to fix or change anything. From this place of love and acceptance, learn to powerfully SCALE UP your life to heights you couldn’t have imagined for yourself! Let Katie and Claudia walk this path with you and show you the way towards healing, joy and ultimate fulfilment using the 8 Essential Realms explored in depth in the Exalted Life Course.

Experience profound paradigm shifts that will allow you to effortlessly shift to a higher vibration where creativity, inspiration and vitality flow abundantly. Let go of resignation. Let go of settling for the status quo. Drop fatigue, jadedness, hopelessness and self sabotage. Let us help you find MAGIC again in your beautiful, blessed life.

Over 8 weeks discover in depth the 8 Essential Realms that MUST be explored, excavated, healed and CONTINUOUSLY nurtured are:

Radical Self Love – The non-negotiable foundation needed for your best life ever.
Deep Reprogramming – Powerful science and practices for shifting the quality of your thoughts.
Creating Your Vibe – Learn to control your mood, clear your nervous system, and powerfully change the way others perceive you.
Building Your Tribe – Shine a light of awareness on who you surround yourself with and scale it up!
Sweet Indulgences – Insert elements of your dream life into the mundane.
Inner and Outer Wealth – Abundance/gratitude in action – How to truly be RICH
Selfless Service – Make your life an offering to something greater than yourself and find meaning and purpose.
Highest Destiny – Keep the momentum of all the work you’ve done to design for yourself WHAT’S NEXT

Meet your mentors

Katie McClelland

Katie McClelland


Katie is a dedicated yogi, recovering addict, speaker, mentor, teacher of teachers, soul seeker, singer, wannabe broadway performer, mother, wife, daughter, sister and confidant. For years, Katie wanted to live big but felt frozen. The more she desperately sought to realize her potential, the harder she stumbled and fell.

Using science-backed tools and practices (explored in-depth in her recently launched ‘Exalted Life’ online life mentorship course) Katie stepped into her power, healed her relationship with herself, found success in all areas of her life and is passionate about sharing her message of hope and healing.
Since 2006, she has owned/directed two renowned yoga studios, De La Sol Yoga in Hamilton and Waterdown. Katie has trained over 350 yoga teachers and leads an instructional yoga show on Cable 14. She travels, speaking publicly about her incredibly inspiring journey.

Claudia Sebastian

Claudia Sebastian


Claudia found success as a Consultant specializing in anxiety, depression, mental health, autism, and all learning disabilities before becoming a mother of two beautiful children.

After a soul-shattering loss in Claudia’s family and a marriage in turmoil, Claudia dove into the practice of yoga. Through her hard work, Claudia strengthened her ability to move through trauma with grace and in turn help others heal.

Claudia’s soulful elegance shines through in her packed, empowering classes. Her teachings shake you out of your inhibitions and smallness empowering you to live big and joyfully.

What sets this course apart from countless others is that this is NOT just another example of listening to inspiring philosophies and concepts.

First: MEASURE where your currently are in each realm.
Next: Learn powerful, science backed practices and experience paradigm shifts that will allow you to effortlessly raise your ‘score’ in each realm.
Implement: Simple, daily profound practices to keep your vibration RISING
The Result: New perspective, clarity, revitalization, a healed relationship with yourself and major, sustainable shifts in every area of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not tech savvy?
Not to worry! It only takes a couple of clicks to access the course. We also have cheat videos for you and you can contact Liz, our tech whiz at any time, if you are having trouble.
Will I have trouble staying motivated if it's online and not in-person?
You have access to Katie and Claudia throughout the course as well as support/accountability from other participants (optional). The investment also includes a one-on-one deep dive mentoring session with Claudia or Katie. They will also be checking in with you to see how things are unfolding for you and where you are coming up against blocks, if any.
I don't have time/money/energy for something like this.
K&C say you can’t afford to NOT learn the way to easily live an Exalted Life! Investing in yourself, nourishing your health on all levels, healing your wounds, getting re-inspired, moving up from mediocrity and not settling for the status quo is NON NEGOTIABLE. This is your precious, sacred, beautiful LIFE and any moment not experiencing it in vivid colour is an unnecessary tragedy. Life is indeed busy – these slideshows can be listened to with headphones on while doing the dishes, walking the dog etc..and once you’ve digested the information and done the Soul Work assigned, goals in every other area of your life will rapidly move forward as a result! Plus, the course is self-paced. You can start at any time and pause any week you like, if you feel you need more time in a particular Realm.
How is this different than reading a self-help book
The difference is Exalted Life gives you the tools to MEASURE where you are at, then the practices to ELEVATE yourself to the next level. The course is equal parts science and spirituality. Claudia and Katie bring in stories, anecdotes and powerful life lessons they have learned by personally overcoming loss, addiction, depression, divorce and financial instability. They are passionately invested in you experiencing the same successes in your own life, and it shows in the care they take with you through the duration of the course, and beyond.

Exalted Life course

Our course can take you from where you are to where you want to be.
Get access to:
  • Weekly 60-90 min slideshows delivered to your inbox
  • Soul Work assignments
  • Facebook Q&A sessions with Katie and Claudia
  • Email and text access for support
  • Videos with meditations, breath practices, yoga sequences and discourses
  • One, 30min phone mentoring session with either Katie or Claudia – FULL VERSION ONLY
  • Access to a closed Facebook group where participants have the option to post and support one another
  • Invitation to seasonal ‘Tribe Gatherings’ to celebrate the growth and breakthroughs with other Exalted Lifers!
  • Add additional phone/Skype/in-person mentoring sessions for $89 per 30/min or $150 per 60/min

You keep the slideshows, videos and live Q&A recordings for life!

Activate your Exalted Life today!

Exalted Life Online
  • Lifetime access to 8 weeks of video content to get clarity and inner peace
  • Topics include:
  1. Radical Self Love
  2. Deep Reprogramming
  3. Creating Your Vibe
  4. Building Your Tribe
  5. Sweet Indulgences
  6. Inner and Outer Wealth
  7. Selfless Service
  8. Highest Destiny

ONLINE Independent learning.

Does not include VOXER support from Katie or Claudia.

CA$58.37 (tax)
Total: CA$507.37
Exalted Life Full Version

This package includes

  • 8 weeks of video content
  • unlimited access to Katie and Claudia via email and Voxer, (an app you can download for free onto your phone to easily exchange voice messages back-and-forth with either Katie or Claudia),
  • a one-hour one-on-one mentoring session with Katie and Claudia
CA$129.87 (tax)
Total: CA$1,128.87

Inquiries: mentorship (at)myexaltedlife.com

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