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Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, tired?

Would you like to be part of a community who wants to embrace life, dive deep, share, support and inspire?

Do you feel stuck?

Do you have gifts and skills you want to share with the world?

Are you tired of feeling like you are not moving ahead?

Do you wake up wanting more?
More out of life. More out of your relationships with the people around you. More love, freedom, abundance?

We’ve been there! 

That’s why we created the Exalted Life Course.

Our course is not a small amount of money, but we absolutely believe it is an incredibly small amount to invest in your health and happiness, especially when we consider how much money we spend on things that make us ill, bring us down or waste our precious moments on this earth.

About Us

Katie McClelland

Katie McClelland


I am a dedicated yogi, recovering addict, speaker, mentor, teacher of teachers, soul seeker, singer, wannabe broadway performer, mother, wife, daughter, sister and confidant. For years, I doubted my path, denied my gifts and attempted to self-medicate my depression and anxiety away.
I wanted to live big but felt frozen. The more I desperately sought to realize my potential, the harder I stumbled and the further I fell. I have finally found and claimed my place in this world and most importantly, found my VOICE and my message!
Let me help you find peace in your life and to trust how your path is unfolding. By softening into who you are now, your life will open up and blossom in ways you can’t begin to imagine. I am here to inspire, to guide, to serve, to laugh with and to connect.
Claudia Sebastian

Claudia Sebastian

Claudia found success as a Consultant specializing in anxiety, depression, mental health, autism, and all learning disabilities before becoming a mother of two beautiful children.
After a soul-shattering loss in Claudia’s family and a marriage in turmoil, Claudia dove into the practice of yoga. Through her hard work, Claudia strengthened her ability to move through trauma with grace and in turn help others heal.
Claudia’s soulful elegance shines through in her packed, empowering classes. Her teachings shake you out of your inhibitions and smallness empowering you to live big and joyfully.

Exalted Life course

Our course can to take you from where you are to where you want to be.
We will give you the building blocks based on universal truths and practice, backed by science, that will shift you to a higher vibration in such a way that creating the life, abundance, and love that you desire will manifest effortlessly!

Get access to:

  • An online coaching program
  • Inspirational emails that will transform the way you think about yourself and the world around you
  • Activities, tools, and resources for self-reflection, action-taking, and manifesting your vision and passion

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