Business Coaching

Since 1997 I have considered myself primarily a yoga teacher; now that I am in my 11th year of owning yoga studios, my focus and passion has largely shifted to navigating the world of business. I started out like many entrepreneurs, with a skill set to offer the world and a grand vision, but no actual experience or knowledge of owning a business. Over the last ten years, I have taken my studio from a small room with two employees to a multiple location venture with over ninety staff! I have worked through and triumphed over countless challenges, as well as broadened my skill set to include sales, budgeting, staff management, marketing, bookkeeping, human resource issues, taxes and accounting, software maximization and client prospecting and retention. 

As a business consultant I can offer you:

  • How to creatively solve problems you are facing
  • How to avoid burnout
  • How to work with and manage different personality types and temperaments
  • How to double or even triple your revenue
  • How to bring in new clients and how to retain them
  • How to keep your staff excited and invested in your business
  • How to expand your business to the next level based on your vision

Business consultation / mentorship: $125 per hour 

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