Wake Up!

Many of us are familiar with the experience of waking up to the fact that our lives are no longer working the way we have set them up. Sometimes this is due to a shift occurring inside ourselves over time, and sometimes it is part of the larger shift that is currently affecting all humanity.

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Set your intentions!

I learned, early on in my foray into yoga, what an incredibly powerful practice this is. Whatever intention you set for your practice is what will manifest. If your goal is more flexibility or strength, you will achieve this. If your goal is to look good, your ego will grow and each practice will become a performance rather than an exploration of your inner landscape. When scandal befalls a famous yogi, I always think they must’ve lost their way somewhere along the path and set intentions – either consciously or subconsciously – that are in alignment with who they ultimately became. Yoga can bring you power, attention, sexual energy, and an inflated sense of self if you channel your energy towards these things.

Yoga will bring your clarity, humility, wonder, peacefulness, compassion, focus and love if you channel your energy in this direction.
A seed planted deep into the earth, blossoms once it is nourished with water and sunlight. Your inner dialogue, too, acts like a planted seed and unfolds on the physical plane once watered with breath and mindful movement.

This means it is HUGELY IMPORTANT for you to frequently check in with, and monitor your inner dialogue while you practice. If cultivating self-love is your goal and yet your inner dialogue is filled with self-deprecating comments and insults, your yoga mat will simply become a place where you reinforce your negative attitudes towards yourself. It will be yet another place where you are not enough, where you are flawed somehow, where you are failing. It is up to YOU to decide what qualities to manifest, what kind of attitudes and beliefs you want to flourish. Don’t underestimate and misuse the power of this practice and the impactful time you spend on your mat! Today, decide what kind of spring flower do you want to experience yourself as and in what way will you shine your beauty to the world?

When life is good…

You are not meant to practice yoga and meditation when times are tough. It is unrealistic to think you should have the energy during times of grief or hardship for spiritual practice. So, don’t feel guilty for not practicing when you feel you ‘should be practicing’ or ‘need it most’. When life is good, practice as much as you can so that this will act as a life raft during the periods of stress or grief. – Peter Marks



Craving / Aversion

One of the fundamental principles of a yoga lifestyle is ‘aparigraha’ which means ‘non-grasping’ or ‘non-coveting’. Even those of us not on a spiritual path have heard about the trappings of the ego and how the pursuit of ‘non-attachment’ can lead to an existence free from the ups and downs triggered by fluctuations in our external environment. Someone living from a place of ego (most of us) will likely experience elation when we are complimented and devastation when we are betrayed. We may feel satisfied with ourselves when we complete a task…then when that wears off, we go looking for the next thing to validate us and make us feel whole.
From a spiritual perspective, this constant seeking – or as the Vipassana Buddhists refer to as the endless cycle of ‘craving/aversion’ is what keeps us from being truly free. I try to practice ‘aparigraha’ as often as I can. I’m not very good at it, but when I find myself grasping at something, it gives me an opportunity to see myself more clearly and to see where there is work that needs to be done.

I had an experience a few years ago that powerfully demonstrated how external circumstances trigger emotional highs and lows. I was listening to a radio show and there was a contest: Call in and if they pull your birth month from a hat, you win $1000. If they then pull your actual birthdate, you win $10 000. I have never called in to a radio show, but somehow felt like today was my lucky day. The line was free and it rang! My heart started thumping as I imagined what I would do with my winnings. Suddenly, I heard the dj greet someone on to the show. It wasn’t me..so I hung up. I listened. After exchanging pleasantries, they pulled the month. April, My birth month. I instantly felt robbed of $1000! Next they pulled the date: the 20th. My jaw dropped. That is my birthday! I had just missed out on $10 000! It was fascinating for me to witness my reaction to this, My nervous system went haywire and feelings of disbelief and injustice washed over me. I marvelled at how it felt so real that I had just ‘lost’ something that essentially was never mine and never even existed! I was the same person I was a few minutes earlier only now I somehow felt like I had less! Nothing is really ours. We don’t actually ‘own’ anything whether it be a stack of money, a yoga posture or a relationship. We certainly don’t get to take any of our possessions with us to the grave! All we have is this moment and our breath. We are all abundant, we are all whole. Possessions come and go but they do not add or subtract from our essence, our inherent completeness.
I relayed this story to my mom and she, ever the optimist, exclaimed delightedly ‘Do you know what this means?! This means you are ‘this close’ to incredible luck and fortune! It’s just around the corner!’. And when I look within, it is in fact, already here.

A love for mom

My mom. My first and most influential yoga teacher. Spiritual, loving, inherently shy but a gifted and authoritative teacher – guru, really. Soft, gentle and incredibly comforting but with a fiery temper at times! Patient, reflective, poetic. Grace personified. A free spirit trying to conform as best she can to modern Western society. As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, she has moved through life listening to her inner guide, paving her own way and defining for herself what it means to be a mother, a wife, a yogini, a seeker, and a friend.
Growing up, my mom was hilariously eccentric. We would have themed dinner nights where she would present platters of multicultural food. My sister and I would eventually wear her down and order a Domino’s Pizza. She spoke about past lives and how in her next life she was debating on whether she wanted to come back as a loin-cloth wearing, drum beating Kodo Drummer or the smoky, sultry Jazz singer, Sade. At the age of fifty, without my conservative dad’s knowledge/permission, she adorned herself with an armband tattoo of swirling vines and turtles and a back piece large enough to make my jaw drop open at the sight of it. She promised my dad she would cover up her body art at the Golf and Country Club!
At times, when we would frustrate her, and boy did we come up with some creative ways to do so, she would loudly lament her decision to have children and express the desire to hit the open road in a convertible sports car, never to return to such drudgery!
One of her hilarious reoccurring dreams is where she is a secret spy, rifling through files at night in a dark office building, only to narrowly escape detection as she jumps out of the window into – yes, a sports car – and casually lights up a cigarette as her enemies frantically search for the missing files.
Now, in her seventies and as beautiful as ever, she has found a deep passion for the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Through this practice, she has rediscovered and cultivated her love of dancing and singing as well as the sacred practice of devotional prayer. She brings her incredible wisdom, years of experience and sparkling personality to De La Sol’s yoga teacher training program and leaves a lasting imprint on all of our trainees.
My mother is the true embodiment of love and compassion.
It is largely because of the love she mirrors back at me when she looks at me through her eyes, that I am able to love myself.

Katie’s Yoga

Katie has been teaching yoga full-time since 1997. She currently offers private yoga classes for groups or individuals.  Students who take private yoga classes benefit by learning at their own pace, in a private and comfortable setting and having questions answered.

Katie also runs a very successful yoga teacher training and personal development program. This in-depth 200 hour program provides a comprehensive approach to yoga asana, philosophy, anatomy, Ayurveda, meditation and pranayama.

While there are many benefits to be gained from attending group yoga classes, an ideal way for many people to learn yoga and develop a personal practice is through private consultation and practice.

Reasons to consider private yoga sessions:

  • Privacy and personal attention
  • Development of personal practice for your individual needs
  • Specific therapeutic benefits for injuries or stress
  • To celebrate with a close group of people (birthday party, bachelorette party etc.)
  • For team building (sports team, staff appreciation etc.)

Private Rates

60 minute in-studio private lesson $80
60 minute off-site private lesson $100

Yoga Teacher Training and Personal Development

Over 500 yogis have become certified Yoga Teachers through De La Sol’s program.

The De La Sol teacher training program features some of the most experienced, knowledgeable, dynamic and fun-loving faculty in Canada. Truly, a dream team of brilliant minds, open hearts and years of practical experience. The ten faculty members come from different yoga traditions and backgrounds to make for a diverse and inclusive experience to learning and exploring this 5000 year old tradition!

More info about the program can be found here. 

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